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Atlanta Couples Therapy (A Gifted Counseling, LLC Company) was founded by Dr. Laura Louis. She has extensive experience in working with couples, families, groups and individuals! Our licensed psychologists and therapists provide a safe space where our clients can openly talk about what’s affecting their relationship and discover new ways of relating to each other.

In a relationship, communication and understanding are key but sometimes they do not come easy. Through therapy, we are able to devise a plan of action to restore relationships to happy and healthy levels.

In the family, it is sometimes important to tackle issues that may lead or have led to family breakdown. By working with the family as a whole we are able to focus on the immediate needs.

This option offers a safe environment for self-exploration. It provides the opportunity to gain understanding and allows evaluation of different aspects into your life on a personal level.

This particular type of therapy has proved to be an effective option for those with similar situations. Conducted in small groups, this counseling is helpful in developing new ways of coping with day to day life, relationship skills, problem solving skills and sharing and comparing experiences.

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions we will make in our adult lives. It is important to arm yourself with the necessary tools to deal with the day-to-day difficulties of marriage. Marriage is a long-term commitment,. Counseling assists with the exploration of what is expected of the partnership.

You will discover key areas that you need to stop, start and continue. Specific strategies around what you can do to have the relationship you want, strengths to build upon, and growth areas of the relationship.

Atlanta Couple Therapy works with businesses, organizations and individuals to improve workers' productivity, oversee mergers, provide counseling on personal issues, as well as counseling on leadership and management, provide needs assessment, conduct career assessments such as Meyers Briggs Type Indicators Assessment, (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory (SII), provide training on diversity and effective communication.

Atlanta Couple Therapy works with businesses, organizations and individuals. We’re opened. Contact us today to discuss which training is most suitable for your needs.


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