Brenda Moorer - Masters' Level Clinician and Relationship/Life CoachBrenda Moorer, Masters Level Clinician and Relationship / Life Coach – As a relationship & life coach, the goal is to find a safe, comfortable place where individuals are able to start to dissect and rebuild their relationship.


With more than 35 years experience, Mrs. Moorer is able to identify ways to communicate effectively, build trust and ignite the chemistry that draws people together naturally. Relationships require work. She will give you the tools for self evaluation as well as provide you insight on the needs of your partner. She will work together with her clients with compassion while teaching them to respect each person desires.


As a wife , she has been with her husband for over 25 years and was married to her first husband for over 13 years. As a result of these relationships, Mrs. Moorer has successfully co-parent three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She is well versed in relationships and blended families. The experience she provides is immeasurable. Through your commitment to your relationship, together we can make the changes needed.


Mrs. Moorer look forward to working with you to develop an action plan that will allow you to find the joy, happiness and peace to move forward in a positive space. Please Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment for my Telehealth services.