Kenyatta Wheeler, Master’s Level Clinician at Atlanta Couple Therapy 15 May 2017
Kenyatta Wheeler

Kenyatta Wheeler, Master’s Level Clinician at Atlanta Couple TherapyKenyatta Wheeler, Master’s Level Clinician – Have you checked out of your marriage? Are you struggling to trust your mate? Is it hard for you to overcome insecurities in your relationship?


As a result of working with me, couples develop strategies to communicate more effectively. Communication is the #1 issue that leads couples to divorce/splitting up.


My goal is to counsel and facilitate growth with couples that struggle with constant conflict, lack of trust, and who struggle with reaching their goals.


In my experience as a therapist, when couples are able to transform their mindset and release insecurities, they are able to increase their connection, feel heard and understood, reduce conflict, and rebuild trust.


Please Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment for my Telehealth services.

Lakina Jones - Relationship / Life Coach at Atlanta Couple Therapy 15 May 2017
Lakina Jones

Lakina Jones - Relationship / Life Coach at Atlanta Couple TherapyLakina Jones – Relationship & Life Coach: Are you fussing, fighting, or frustrated in your current relationship? Sleeping in separate bedrooms? Would you rather be at work than at home? As a relationship coach, I support couples in renewing their desires for each other.


Couples sometimes face depression, grief, and life’s unexpected turns. This sometimes divides couples. As a result of my years of experience in coaching parents, I have been able to provide practical solutions to challenging issues. I can provide strategies that rekindle the love you once experienced. My work with blended families help them move from hurt to healed and from anger to joy.


Let me help you move from being silenced to being heard and understood. I provide easy to follow practical solutions to couples on the brink of breaking up. If you are ready to have the relationship that you long for, give me a call I would love to work with you.


If you are tired of not being seen or heard in your marriage, book a session with her: Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment for Lakina Jones’ services.

Ronald Stanton – Relationship / Life Coach at Atlanta Couple Therapy 15 May 2017
Ronald Stanton

Ronald Stanton – Relationship / Life Coach at Atlanta Couple TherapyRonald Stanton – Relationship / Life Coach. Divorce rates generally are 45-50%. However, when one spouse has a child from a previous relationship or marriage they jump up to 65%, and when both do they go as high as 70%. But Don’t Panic. Divorce rates drop as much as 30% with an Intervention. So if you are having challenges blending your blended family, you are not alone!


While most blended families that fail do so within the first 2-4 years. It is never too late to hit the restart button on your relationship. You can have the life you have longed for with your spouse and your kids. Do not give up on your dreams or your relationship. Even better, you and your partner do not have to become enemies in the process.


As a Morehouse Man, I was given the playbook to success. However, during my lifetime, I have faced challenges which I now use as a tool to support couples in building a partnership. My relationship blueprint has been crucial in supporting couples with developing strategies to build effective communication skills. My lifetime experience of working with others and my personal success have provided me with the skills needed to transform relationships.


Over the past twenty years, I have ministered and mentor couples. My approach is simple. Together we will identify your mutual goals. I will introduce you to proven strategies and tools that I have personally seen that have Life Changing results. They will be simple and easy to follow.


If you are tired of not being seen or heard in your marriage, book a session with him at Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment for Ronald Stanton’s services.

Brenda Moorer - Masters' Level Clinician and Relationship/Life Coach 15 May 2017
Brenda Moorer

Brenda Moorer - Masters' Level Clinician and Relationship/Life CoachBrenda Moorer, Masters Level Clinician and Relationship / Life Coach – As a relationship & life coach, the goal is to find a safe, comfortable place where individuals are able to start to dissect and rebuild their relationship.


With more than 35 years experience, Mrs. Moorer is able to identify ways to communicate effectively, build trust and ignite the chemistry that draws people together naturally. Relationships require work. She will give you the tools for self evaluation as well as provide you insight on the needs of your partner. She will work together with her clients with compassion while teaching them to respect each person desires.


As a wife , she has been with her husband for over 25 years and was married to her first husband for over 13 years. As a result of these relationships, Mrs. Moorer has successfully co-parent three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She is well versed in relationships and blended families. The experience she provides is immeasurable. Through your commitment to your relationship, together we can make the changes needed.


Mrs. Moorer look forward to working with you to develop an action plan that will allow you to find the joy, happiness and peace to move forward in a positive space. Please Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment for my Telehealth services.

Dr. Laura Louis -Licensed Psychologist, Founder/CEO of Atlanta Couple Therapy 15 May 2017
Dr. Laura Louis

Dr. Laura Louis -Licensed Psychologist, Founder/CEO of Atlanta Couple TherapyDr. Laura Louis, Licensed Psychologist – I graduated Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. I completed an American Psychology Association (APA) accredited internship at Florida International University in Miami Florida. My Ph.D. was earned from Howard University’s APA accredited Counseling Psychology Program.


I have worked in the field of psychology for over 10 years. I have expertise in multicultural counseling and couples counseling. I have specialized training in assisting couples with increasing intimacy and rebuilding trust after infidelity. I help couples build effective communication skills, so that both partners feel understood and validated. What’s more, I am experienced in working with a range of clinical issues (schizophrenia, bi-polar, major depression, anxiety, career counseling, and healing from a break up, acculturation issues for immigrants). With expertise in improving sleep and building stress management skills, I have provided consultation to organizations and agencies to improve their productivity and efficiency. Over the years, I have gained specialized experience with adults, youth and children in multiple settings including a psychiatric hospital, domestic violence shelter, community agencies, court systems, elementary/middle schools and college counseling centers.


With regard to assessments, I have conducted psycho-educational evaluations with the D.C. Superior Court System for youth facing criminal charges. Additionally, I conducted neuro-psychological assessments within a college counseling center population. Working with adjudicated youth, I have developed programs to improve self-esteem, behavior functioning and college readiness.


I have spent several years teaching at the college level. Specifically, I have taught the following college level courses: General Psychology, Family Counseling, and Multicultural Foundations in Teaching. In the position of Student Support Team Coordinator for Amos 1 Elementary School, I developed interventions for children with special needs and behavioral concerns. With previous experience, working as an elementary and middle school counselor, I am skilled in play therapy, family counseling and parental coaching. I have also facilitated parenting classes to help facilitate effective discipline practices and improve co-parenting skills


As a therapist, my role has been to provide a supportive safe environment to empower my clients. This allows them to make decisions, break past patterns and move closer to their goals. I use Schema and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on recognizing and challenging unproductive and self -defeating thought processes. I take an active directive approach as we work together to create a treatment plan that transitions the work that we do in the office to my clients daily lives.


Often times, when couples come to my office they are at a standstill or in intense conflict. I have used specialized Gottman techniques to treat a number of couples. With research experiences and lengthy clinical training, I have developed an expertise in working with couple to enhance communication, improve intimacy, develop conflict resolution skills, and rebuild trust after infidelity. Call (404) 496-8070 or make an appointment online.

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