Three Ways to Save a Failing Marriage 08 Mar 2022
Three (3) Ways to SAVE a Failing Marriage!

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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Being married is not just about life-long commitments. It requires a lot of patience, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance in order to protect your marriage.

Marriage is definitely not easy and requires effort each and EVERY DAY. But it surely is worth fighting for. Are you feeling alone in your marriage?

Here are 3 EASY ways to save your failing marriage

Reflect on What is Causing the Problem

Exclude the thought of divorcing. Instead, utilize all your resources to help your marriage. Think of all the possible causes of the problem. You should also recognize that your marriage may include a lot of disagreements that prevent you from talking to each other or often lead to unending arguments. Be more intuitive with your situation and express your concerns more constructively. This might help you find mutually agreeable solutions to the issues in your marriage.

Be Mindful While In Conflict

Throwing insults at each other is totally unhelpful. It only taints your relationship and respect towards each other even more. Rather than blaming and insulting each other, learn to calm yourself instead. Always stay in the calm zone and teach yourselves to re-engage cooperatively.

Find a Way to Re-Connect

With all the hassling and bickering that’s been going on, you might feel disconnected from your partner. It could be the time that you both start reflecting and figure out ways you could re-connect to each other. It could be as basic as going out on dates or committing to morning chats during breakfast. Being grand is not necessary. Learn to find your way back to each other.


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