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First Date Tips: 6 Tips for the Perfect First Date

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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6 First date tips: RELATIONSHIPS often begin as a result of either a great date, a horrible date, or a date that you will never forget. Whether you are going to see a movie, eating at a fancy restaurant, or a simple walk in the park; going on dates is essential to building on a relationship. Dating can either result in funny stories or an experience that will be beneficial beyond measure. You may find yourself on a blind date with a person you have only heard about or with someone that you met at church. Regardless of how you ended up on this date, here a six first date tips to help the “first date” be a successful one.

6 First Date Tips

#1. Always Step Outside the Box

When planning for the first date, keep in mind that a dinner and a movie will always be there. Try something different! Something that you’ve always wanted to do is the perfect idea for the first date. Go to a museum or go white water rafting. Try to do something fun and exciting that will help you guys engage in good conversation but also a few laughs. Try to be adventurous. This is the first date. Make it count!

#2. Ask the Questions You Want to Know the Answers to

While this can be a little tricky or even risky, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Yes this is the first date but you do not want to walk away only knowing your date’s middle name and birthday. Ask the questions that are important to you. Do not try to save some questions for the “second date”. Be sure to get all the juice you can.

#3. Stay Engaged

Constant eye contact is essential to the first date. Some might say it’s awkward but it shows not only that you are listening but that you are engaged. Keep a steady line of communication and do not be afraid of the awkward silence because it is probably coming.

#4. Always Do a Little Homework

With the help of social media and Google, it is easy to find out information about a person. You may have to contact the mutual friend that introduced you all or take a look at their Facebook page. You should always go into the first date knowing something about this person. Where do they work? Or where are they from originally? The more you know, the better.

#5. Let Your Hair Down

Relax! Don’t allow your nerves or reservations to show or ruin the date. The pressure is not on and you do not have to be impressive. Be yourself and remember that confidence will impress anyone. This is not a job interview. Show your date the real you.

#6. Make this Date a Fun One

Last but not least, have fun! Do not get caught up on whether or not this person is the perfect match for you or if you guys are meant to be. Enjoy their company and make the best out of the date. Laugh when things are funny. Be honest and direct. Do not bother beating around the bush. And lastly, go in with an open mind.

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