Make the Best of Quarantine During COVID-19 and Enjoy it! 12 Jun 2021
Make the Best of Quarantine During COVID-19 and Enjoy it!

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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It has been a year since quarantine (COVID-19) hit, forcing a majority of us to plan a new life at home full-time. While this might mean more interactions with members of your household on a daily basis, it does not necessarily account for spending more quality time with your family. Here are some tips to implement to bond with your family and help strengthen your connection with each other.

Family meetings during quarantine (COVID-19)

Setting time aside consistently to discuss your lives together can be a very useful way to stay updated on what your family is up to. This is also an especially beneficial idea to include with kids. So they feel more involved and engaged in family matters. With virtual school being the popular method of teaching, children could often feel overwhelmed. Or even feel unaccounted for, and addressing these concerns will benefit them in being productive. Additionally, this time would be helpful in resolving conflicts within the family and creating a safe space to encourage openness.

Family dinners

Having dinner together during quarantine (COVID-19) might be a common practice in your household. Or it might be a rare occasion. Either way, making an effort to share that time together will help with feeling more connected. Since everyone eats dinner during roughly the same time period, it is a convenient act to organize in a collaborative manner. It does not have to entail long talks or discussions if that happens to be exhaustive. However simply spending that time and space in each other’s presence can enhance your relationship and support system.

Monthly events

While it might be hard to plan a full-fledged holiday right now, taking a day out with your family can be beneficial. It can help your family cope with the suffocating feeling of being at home constantly. Whether it’s a small picnic or road trip, try to plan events that would give you all something to look forward to. The idea is to create memorable moments with each other that you could look back on fondly. It can also be simplistic and require minimal effort, such as a game night or a day to try out a certain new activity together.


In the modern community, the passing down of family traditions is becoming more uncommon. Try remembering memories from when you were younger.  How you enjoyed spending your day with your family, and how you can recreate it now. This could be anything from a family recipe that everyone helps make together, to a movie you love that makes you feel nostalgic. Incorporating aspects of your past in your current life. This strategy can reenergize the closeness you feel with your family and create the cycle that your children will then be able to continue forward.


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