Poor Communication = #1 Reason Why Couples Split and Breakup! 27 Feb 2022
Poor Communication = #1 Reason Why Couples Split!

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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Is it time to improve your communication with your spouse?

Communication is important for couples. Here at Atlanta Couple Therapy, we see couples who are often fussing and fighting!

When you communicate effectively, you will be able to understand each other well. Failing to communicate will lead to a toxic relationship. This failure will create a separation for couples and will drive couples away from each other emotionally.

Here are three strategies to consider if you notice that you and your mate are drifting from one another:

Active Listening:

Make sure to listen to your spouse. Hear what he or she has to say rather than listening only to respond. There might be some truth to what your mate is saying. Try listening without defending your side until your spouse is finished. You will be able to understand your partner more by taking time to consider your mate’s needs.


Be open and honest with your partner:

If you feel that there is something that is not right, you will have to be honest with your mate. Sometimes, if we don’t fix the issue right away, it may manifest and turn into a bigger problem. This requires being vulnerable and saying what may be hard to say.

Avoid Shouting:

When you are having an argument with your husband or wife, it’s better to not shout at them. This is not healthy and will lead to your mate shutting down or yelling at you. Shouting at one another will not get your needs met. This will lead to a serious deterioration in your marriage!

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