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Cohabitation 101: 5 Ways to Make Cohabiting Work

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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Cohabitation 101: When thinking about the perfect roommate, your best friend or college roommate might come to mind. Who wouldn’t want to live in the cool bachelor or bachelorette pad during their early twenties? But let’s talk about doing the unthinkable. Yes, I’m talking about moving in with your significant other. Maybe you aren’t ready to get married or you’ve decided to opt out of marriage.

How do you COHABITATE? Some people might tell you that you are crazy while others might bid you “good luck” and buy you a house warming gift. I am here to give you a little advice to help make this process a less painful, great experience. Below are 5 ways to make cohabiting work for you: Cohabitation 101 series part 1 – how to cohabitate before marriage.

Cohabitation 101: 5 Ways to Make it Work!

Practice Makes Perfect Right?

Moving in with your significant other can be a little nerve wracking. It is important that you spend a sufficient amount of time practicing living together before you jump in head first. Spend a week at their house or invite them over your house for a few days just to get a feel of how it would be if you guys were to live together 24/7. Don’t underestimate the challenges that you all will face while taking such a big step. Make sure to practice getting up in the morning together and preparing for the day. Practice sharing a bathroom and shopping for groceries. This will help you guys get into the groove of things early. Doing these things ahead of time will be beneficial in the end.

Continue to BE Yourself

cohabitation 101The thought of moving in with your significant other may scare you or excite you. Some of you can’t wait to share your space with the one you adore while others might dread it. You might find that a lot of the things you are accustomed to doing in the comfort of your own home can be a little embarrassing when you finally live in a shared space. For example, you might snore, listen to weird music or talk to yourself while you are completing a task. Make sure to find your comfort zone. Remember that it is okay to be who you are. Do not abandon your traditions, routines, or rituals during this process.

Pulling Your Weight

When you decide to cohabitate it is important that you and your significant other agree on who does what as far as chores goes. Find what you like to do around the house whether it’s repairs, laundry, or cooking and take on that task. Always remember that team work makes the dream work! Be sure to pick up any slack and work together to make living together a comfortable experience for you and your partner. You will thank me later.

Always Be Open and Honest

There will be good days and bad days in any relationship. When you decide to live with your significant other you are forced to face issues head on at all times. Avoid going to sleep with animosity or with thoughts and feelings haunting you. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinions about the things they do that drive you crazy. Try telling them in a neutral place like on a date or in the car. It is important that you communicate effectively. Always be honest.

Compromise! Compromise! Compromise!

In any relationship, it is important that you choose your battles wisely. The same goes for cohabiting. There will be some things that you will have to compromise on. Whether it is decorating, the location of the home, or whether or not you guys should get a pet; understand that you guys will not agree on EVERYTHING. But remember that every disagreement should result in a compromise.

Always kiss each other goodnight! (No Matter What)

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