How to live together before marriage 03 Mar 2016

BY: Dr. Laura Louis

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Cohabitation 101: 5 Ways to Make Cohabiting Work

Cohabitation 101: When thinking about the perfect roommate, your best friend or college roommate might come to mind. Who wouldn’t want to live in the cool bachelor or bachelorette pad during their early twenties? But let’s talk about doing the unthinkable. Yes, I’m talking about moving in with your significant other. Maybe you aren’t ready to get married or you’ve decided to opt out of marriage.

How do you COHABITATE? Some people might tell you that you are crazy while others might bid you “good luck” and buy you a house warming gift. I am here to give you a little advice to help make this process a less painful, great experience. Below are 5 ways to make cohabiting work for you: Cohabitation 101 series part 1 – how to cohabitate before marriage.

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